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Burgh Court Book, 14th century chant, Edinburgh City Archives

In this section, you can take a look at the kinds of records you’re likely to find in your local council archives.  In the drop down menu, there are a variety of records to view and explore. You can browse a 1920s travel diary, read about an alien encounter or learn about 18th century Militia forces.

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  1. I am the grandson of john Dickson secretary of daisy lodge no 163 ,British ancient society of free gardeners in 1900
    I would like to keep up on his background and family history

  2. I am the grand-daughter of William Weir Murray. I am looking for information on my grandfather who died in the Edinburgh City Chambers on Sept 8, 1950 shortly after midnight. I believe he was the Chief City Officer. If you could provide any information, it would be helpful. Thank You.

  3. My husband’s ancestor was James Mitchell, Dean of Guild in the 19th century. James was a spirit dealer the son in law of Thomas Michie, another Merchant of Edinburgh. I would be most interested to learn more about James – where he lived in Edinburgh etc.

  4. Dear Sheila,

    My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. If you are still interested in trying to get an answer to your query could I ask you to email Edinburgh City Archives at: I am sorry for the inconvenience but this is the best way to contact us and ensure that a member of the archives staff will see and be able to dael with your enquiry.

    Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.
    Peter Clapham

  5. Looking for information on a Cornelius Ferris ( also known as Neil )1841 cencus says he’s a Police Constable at StCuthberts Parish 685 / 2 -B- 1801-which I take this to be the Area he was in–also have the 1851 cencus –Police Constable -he’s living at Wester Portsburgh- St Stevensons Close ?, wondering if there’s anyway I can get help on more information on how long or when he became a police constable –he was my GG-Grandfather-look forward to hearing from you –Betty

  6. Dear Betty,
    Many thanks for your enquiry regarding records on Cornelius Ferris.
    From surviving police personnel records I have found Neil listed – he joined in February 1839 and he was aged 58 in 1853. He was 5ft 6in tall, and had an oval face, grey eyes and grey hair! His complexion was recorded as sallow, and his occupation prior to joining the police was a weaver. He was listed as being married, and of Irish origin. Unfortunately there is no entry for when Neil left the police or for what reason. There is no further information for us to consult to glean any more details on him I am afraid.
    I hope this is helpful, and please do get back in touch with us at if we can help you any further.
    Kind regards, Vikki Kerr (Archivist)

  7. Thank You for the info on Cornelius, that’s him I’m sure he used both names , gives me I bit on when he would have come from Ireland + being a weaver that wre never knew ,he was married+ with two children that I have found , Def says on the Cenus 1841 + 1851 he was a Police constable , Thank You ,Betty

  8. I am researching my family tree and believe that James Kidd, born in 1867, became a Police Constable, in Edinburgh, at around 40 years old. I think prior to joining, he was a farm servant. I also have an Edinburgh address of 12 West Newington Place but think he moved later to the Inch. Any information would be most welcome!

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