Johnston: 5. War Press

The outbreak of the Boer war in 1899 also provided Bovril with an opportunity to advertise the benefits of Bovril to the fighting forces. One advertising slogan ran, “liquid life…at the front and in front” and other posters appeared showing injured soldiers recovering with a cup of hot Bovril. Testimonials were received from the likes of Baden-Powell (lieutenant general in the British Army and founder of the Scout Movement) and Rudyard Kipling (British author and poet) who wrote that “…doctors, nurses, officers, soldiers and newspaper correspondents unite in bearing testimony to the great popularity of Bovril at the Front as an Invigorating and Nourishing Food, preparing the soldier for battle and aiding him to recovery…”

Moreover, the advertising campaign by Benson for Bovril resumed during World Wars I and II focussing not only upon its advantages for the armed forces but also for the health and fitness of the British public back home. The image displayed here, for example, is taken from a pamphlet produced at the time of the First World War.

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